Public Hearings about Sudbury’s Kingsway Casino Start on March 26

The city of Sudbury will review three rezoning applications for the proposed arena and casino project on the Kingsway, with public hearings scheduled for March 26 and March 28. The plan includes an arena, a hotel and a new Gateway casino, envisioned as a large-scale entertainment destination.
Greater Sudbury’s planning committee has invited the public to the hearings where citizens will be able to speak and ask questions regarding the applications for rezoning the currently vacant land. It is located on the north side of the Kingsway, northwest of Levesque Street in Sudbury. Three rezoning applications have been filed – for a casino, a hotel, and a parking lot, by the owner of the nearly 20-hectare vacant lot, developer Dario Zulich and his partner Perry Dellelce.
The two meetings scheduled for Monday, March 26, and Wednesday, March 28, will be held at council chambers at Tom Davies Square. The public hearing on Monday will review the Official Plan amendment and rezoning for a casino that would be built on a 6.96-hectare parcel of land. It will be developed by the Canadian gambling company Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, which is planning to replace the old slots venue at Sudbury Downs with a $60-million gambling complex.
In addition to the casino and three restaurants within it, the project includes an arena, as well as a hotel tower that, according to Ward 5 Councillor Robert Kirwan, will be home to Sudbury’s largest hotel. It is still unclear which hotel chain would open on the Kingsway property, but the local news outlet Sudbury Star reported on Wednesday that two companies, namely the Boreal Hospitality Group and the Intercontinental Hotels Group, have expressed interest in the project.
Expectations for Positive Impact on the Local Economy
Supporters of the proposed casino complex believe that it will have a positive impact on the local economy as it would provide a diverse offering on a scale Sudbury has never seen before. The hotel is expected to be the largest one in the city, while the long-anticipated arena would attract both tourists and local visitors with a wide range of events. They are all a part of the integrated design of the planned complex, while the casino is seen as the icing on the cake.
According to Rob Mitchell, a spokesperson for Gateway, the casino operator wishes to establish a “state-of-the-art presence” in the city, the Sudbury Star wrote on Tuesday. The gambling venue would be large and along with the gaming floor, it would have three restaurants. It would operate around the clock and is expected to add more than 250 jobs to the 160 that already exist there, Mitchell explains.
Job positions would be made available across the spectrum, ranging from restaurant workers, front of the house employees to casino staff, table dealers, and even IT experts. The high-paying jobs, along with the diverse offering of the complex – accommodation, amusement and event space, are expected to contribute significantly to the local economy.

CA$70-Million Delta Cascades Casino Project Heads to Council for Final Approval

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment’s proposal to invest CA$70 million in the establishment of a casino/hotel complex at the Delta Town & Country site is heading to the final stage of the approval process. The proposed project is expected to go to the local council for final approval on July 30th.
If everything goes according to plan and the gambling operator gets the authorities’ approval, Gateway Casinos would be able to start the construction process this fall. The grand opening of the venue would take place in 2020.
The casino/hotel project, called Delta Cascades Casino, has been described as a “modest-sized” gambling facility. The venue is expected to start operation with 500 slot machines and 24 gaming tables, as well as with up to six e-tables. After the first six months of the casino operation, a review would most likely be held, but the operator would need further city approval in case that it wants to make any major changes in the gambling venue offering.
As mentioned above, the CA$70-million complex would offer a 116-room hotel, meeting spaces and dining areas. As revealed by the Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Casinos, Tony Santo, the complex is planned as a “family-friendly” place.
Currently, the local host government receives a 10% net share of the total amount of gambling revenues brought to the province. According to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s estimates, the gambling revenue generated by the Delta Cascades Casino would be toward the upper end of its initial annual projection of between CA$1.5 million and CA$3 million.
Preliminary Approval for the Project Given by City Council in May 2018
A preliminary approval with a 4-2 vote in favor of the gambling operator’s application was given to Gateway Casinos and Entertainment at a public hearing held at the beginning of May.
Back in 2017, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation gave the green light to a casino to open in Delta Town, and it was Gateway Casinos that was chosen as the gambling facility’s future operator. Since then, a number of information campaigns, consultations and meeting have been held. The first and second reading to the proposed casino and hotel complex development project was then held by the City Council, with a public hearing finally scheduled for May 1st.
Due to the large public interest towards the project, a second hearing was scheduled for May 2nd, with the Delta City Council finally giving its approval for the planned CA$70-million investment of Gateway Casinos.
Gateway Casinos revealed the design of the proposed casino and hotel complex in April 2018, saying that the venue would be built at the Delta Town & Country Inn’s site in Ladner. The project is expected to bring up to 700 new jobs to the area, which according to Mr. Santo would be of great benefit for both Ladner and the City of Delta.
Gateway Casinos and Entertainment already operates a number of gambling facilities situated in Kamloops, Langley and Penticton, British Columbia.

Jackpot Worth Quitting Your Job For: Nine Guelph Co-Workers Hand Notices after CA$60M Lotto MAX Windfall

One of the most exciting things that could happen to people involved in the lottery world and the hype surrounding it is actually winning one of the generous cash prizes that come once you match all of the drawn numbers. Moreover, there are instances where even this could be topped when players win in bundles after playing together with their friend. Nine co-workers of Guelph could confirm that after claiming their CA$60-million Lotto MAX jackpot yesterday.
The last days of 2018 were special for many players who managed to get to the generous lottery jackpots, but December 21 was especially notable since the nine friends learned that they are eligible for the massive windfall. The priceless piece of paper has the numbers 07-21-23-25-31-34-45 printed on it, in addition to the Bonus number 37. The group of friends and co-workers got really into lottery action once they learned that the jackpot is surging.
Friends Win Together as a Team
There is nothing surprising in this statement because as soon as the news about a jackpot on the rise is issued, thousands of people are quick to make their way to the nearest lottery retailer and try their luck with a ticket purchase. This, in turn, increases the jackpot even further, benefitting the eventual winner or winners. Such was the case with the nine colleagues that got into purchasing lottery tickets together in the hopes of winning big.
Lady luck was generous enough to ensure they will lay their hands on one of the most generous cash payouts in December. The younger player among them is 21-year-old whereas the oldest one is aged 57. They were all working at the assembly floor at the Linamar Corporation in Guelph. Workdays used to go better together, as they even worked in one shift, making the work process less mundane.
Ala Hirmiz hailing from Kitchener is one of the winners who claimed that they are all good friends not only at work but also in their spare time. Celebrating birthdays together has been foreshadowing of this celebration of the grand windfall. Keeping a close relationship with one’s co-workers makes the entire work process much more entertaining, productive, and sometimes financially beneficial.
So What Next for the Winners
Many of the nine winners have participated in lottery games in the past, as one does, especially around bigger jackpot such as this one. Last fall the CA$50-million jackpot drew their attention, as they felt that it is going to increase more in the upcoming weeks. This is how they began purchasing tickets regularly, having bought only four tickets by December 21. Fernando Meneses was the individual who bought the lucky ticket and kept it safe until the draw.
Soon after the regular weekly draw, Mercedes Granadino, another one of the winners called Meneses to remind him to check the numbers. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation provides its players with an advanced and easy to use mobile app that allows them to scan the ticket. The ticket-holder was quick to scan the piece of paper and after several scans and number checks, he realized this is one of the most special nights of his life.
Soon after they confirmed the news, all of them filed their resignations, giving themselves the time to focus on pursuing their dreams. This would mean that they will no longer see each other every day, but this is what the Internet is for. All nine of them have agreed that they will meet in a year’s time in order to catch up in real life, and until then they will keep in touch via texts and phone calls. Stories like this one show that when many people believe in something collectively, they could bring actual change to their lives.

Cheerful Crowd Celebrates Refreshed Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs

Shorelines Slots located at Kawartha Downs re-launched operation this Wednesday after as many as nine weeks of shut down and this was the highlight not only of the week but also of the month for both casino patrons and workers employed there. The previously announced opening of the casino venue happened at noon on December 19 and there was a cheerful crowd awaiting the said hour with eager.
Following an extensive period of hiatus for the gaming venue, the news about its renewed working schedule and subsequent launch of operation came at the beginning of this week. The community appeared to be more than content with the news of more gaming available in the region, whereas permanent employees at the facility were more than grateful to make their way back to their job place for the holiday season.
Casino Venue Relaunches Operation
Wednesday saw an impressive crowd of people willing to be among the first to see the renovated casino location. The Fraserville community was buzzing with excitement as gaming operation means permanent employment for people part of the workforce at Kawartha Downs. It also means that the location will once again be able to attract casino patrons from near and far willing to try their luck.
Present on site for the re-launch of operation were Kawartha Downs and Speedway general manager Orazio Valente and general manager Bryan Buchanan of Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs. They welcomed everyone interested in seeing first-hand everything different at the casino facility. Just as it was projected, the renovation was able to redraw the attention of people interested in Shorelines Slots and what it has up for grabs.
A shiny ribbon was cut on the official launch of operation and casino patrons were welcomed back after the nine-week hiatus. This renovation brought on site as many as 150 brand-new slot machines that have yet to be tried out. Flashing lights and loud sounds, as well as cheerful music quickly filled the space of the casino venue and people were quick to see what the buzz is all about.
What Caused the Delay?
It could be recalled that October 1 was the day on which the casino venue closed for operation, soon after Shorelines Casino Peterborough launched operation. Initially, the hiatus was meant to last only two weeks, giving the management enough time to subject the venue to an extensive cleaning, repainting, and change of the interior.
What prompted the extension of the break was putting the finishing touches to the agreement between Kawartha Downs and the Ontario government. Following several changes, the agreement was inked but back then neither of the parties had the permission to reveal more about it. A non-disclosure agreement was preventing them, however, from revealing more details about the changes.
Thanks to this agreement casino workers also were granted permission to remain employed at this venue and return to their workplace this Wednesday. More excitement for players brought the news that next year is going to see as many as 21 live races at the harness race track, marking an improvement from 18 race dates this year.

Langley City Braces for Beautification Work Powered By Cascades Casino Cash

Langley has always benefitted from the proliferating casino operation in the region and Cascades Casino is projected to boost the region with its regular allocations once again. According to the recently discussed 2019 budget, casino venue operation is going to improve the community with beautification work and support of other crucial improvements in Brydon Park and Nicholas Park. Taxes in the region are also expected to see an increase, but they are offset by casino cash.
Casino operation is often viewed as a source of cash allocations that could be used for various projects across the community and its general improvement. Gambling operation generates revenue that is later shared with the community hosting the venue, giving it the freedom to use it as it deems appropriate. Such is the case with Langley City, British Columbia where Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has the capacity to boost the local coffers. According to the recently issued information, Brydon Park and Nicholas Park are going to benefit from the allocations.
Gambling Operation Boosts Local Projects
The budget for the upcoming year will feature operating expenses reaching some CA$51.8 million, as well as CA$10.1 million in capital expenditures. With the help of Cascades Casino Langley, beautification works across the two recreational areas will be introduced in the upcoming months and they will be funded by casino cash. The community would be able to enjoy exciting new spare time activities of family-friendly nature thanks to the gambling revenue support.
In addition to this, 203 Street located in the area of Fraser Highway and Logan Avenue is also going to see improvements as a result of the casino offerings available in the Langley area. Douglas Crescent between 206 and 203 Streets is another important target, as the Douglas Park War Memorial is located there and an improvement would be beneficial. Community members are being warned that once the weather conditions allow it, roadworks are projected to commence in the area.
Langley would also strive to become a more inviting location that takes its residents’ well-being seriously, which is why street lights would also be repaired with casino money. Projections are that the casino location is going to offer Langley some CA$7.6 million over the span of this fiscal year. It could be recalled that the previous fiscal year saw allocation reaching CA$6.6 million. Up until now, Penzer Youth Action Park saw new additions diversifying the existing offerings thanks to Cascades Casino.
Casino Expansion Set to Increase Gambling Revenue
A cheerful crowd rarely welcomes the news about tax hikes, but city lawmakers pointed out that gambling proceeds have proven beneficial in this sense too. They were used for the offset of the increase and now residential taxes would surge by 6.98 percent only. Cascades Casino prevented this percentage from swelling past the 8-percent mark. February 20 would give community members the chance to voice their opinion at the City Hall, whereas a final approval would be given on March 11.
The gaming location itself is set to welcome many new additions thanks to an expansion featuring improved offerings to the likes of a new bingo hall, a restaurant called Atlas Steak + Fish, a roof patio with a raised garden, and a 23,000-square-foot expansion. This would bring up to 100 people to the casino venue, offering them a reliable source of income and permanent employment. The overall cost of the expansion phase reaches CA$18 million and it should be finished by the end of this year.

Lottery Winner Proves Lightning Strikes Twice and Thrice with Her Banco Jackpot

Lottery jackpots continue their quest to change the lives of as many Canadians as possible, a task that has given results as per usual. Loto-Quebec reported a Monteregienne player that has bagged her third ever lottery jackpot, this time thanks to a Banco ticket purchase.
Jeannine L’Esperance Drolet recently bagged her grand prize of CA$25,000 and she is ready for the next chapter of her life. Many people have extraordinary luck in their life and especially when it comes to games of chance that might seem risky.
Regular lottery draws have the potential to alter the direction of one’s life, but it is rare that lightning strikes twice. In Mrs. Drolet’s case, the lightning managed to strike three times, as this latest prize is her third lottery cash prize. The lottery corporation did not reveal more details around her previous two jackpots.
Lottery Jackpots Galore
The lottery enthusiast from Monteregienne made the life-changing ticket purchase at the Roussillon bowling alley in Saint-Constant. According to the regulations, the retail location of a winning ticket received a percent of the cash prize, which further motivates the location to welcome more customers on a day-to-day basis.

Lotto MAX Once again Makes the Ordinary Purchases Extraordinary

The winning ticket cost some CA$1 proving that lottery purchases are more affordable than ever. Another Quebec player recently became CA$1-million richer thanks to Quebec Max’ local appeal. Régis Gérard Hervé, a resident of the Capitale-Nationale is the most recent lottery millionaire that has bagged a hefty jackpot thanks to the signature local game.

Lotto MAX Brings CA$40M Pot, While Lotto 6/49 Can’t Stay Away from Winners

He made the winning purchase on Friday 13th, which ultimately brought him good luck but at first, he found it hard to grasp the whole idea.

Lotto 6/49 Confirms It Keeps on Giving with Three Multimillion Main Prizes Claimed

Upon validating the tickets purchased earlier that day, he thought that the prize amounts to CA$1,000. The cashier invited the lottery enthusiast to take a closer look until he realized that it is, in fact, a CA$1,000,000 jackpot pile he is eligible for. Now that the major jackpot is already in his hands, Mr. Gerard is ready for the life changes.
Winners Make their Plans
Some of his plans for the foreseeable future include a complete home renovation, a brand new car, as well as a cruise to an exotic destination. While people are bagging their jackpots, beloved lottery offerings continue swelling without Main prize winners to match all numbers needed. This Friday would come with a jackpot reaching CA$55 million, as well as four CA$1 Million MAXMILLIONS for the additional enthusiasts.

Players across Canada Find Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Windfalls Hard to Believe

The cap of this lottery offering reaches CA$70 million. Moreover, this Saturday is scheduled to bring a CA$14 million Lotto 6/49 Main prize, in addition to a single CA$1 Million Prize. Players from near and far have the opportunity to bag their tickets ahead of the anticipated draw and make a wish. Instant tickets are also gaining popularity, as British Columbia Lottery Corporation unveiled a new CA$10 Scratch and Win ticket called Roam.

Lotto 6/49 Player Snatch CA$5M Prize Once More, Could Treasure Chest Run Dry?

It would appeal lottery enthusiasts dreaming of a wild adventure and traveling around the globe and top locations to the likes of the Greek islands, Iceland during the summer solstice, the exciting tribes of Kenya, or the whole new world of Fogo Island. The top prize coming with each exotic location amounts to CA$50,000 for the luckiest players.

Gateway Casino Sarnia Seeks 60 Staff Members Next Month

Following six years of no gaming action on its premises, Hiawatha Horse Park would very soon welcome slots gaming action powered by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. The casino operator announced it is looking to hire as many as 60 individuals ready to oversee operation at the gaming location, as they would be needed for operation down the road. A job fair would be held on December 12.

Last week saw the official announcement of preparation work for the future Gateway Casino Sarnia launch. Locals were eager to know more about the slots venue that would return to the vibrant horse racing location and support its future operation both with financial allocations and with an increased number of individuals traveling there.
Staff Members Needed

This positive boost would make Hiawatha Horse Park even more popular than it currently is, but a slots venue opening would also mean more job positions for locals in need of employment. As many as 60 new positions are now available at the revived slots venue, as confirmed by the casino operator. December 12 is about to see the highly-anticipated job fair seeking individuals ready to join the team.

Hiawatha Horse Park Says Yes to Gateway Casinos Slots after a 6-Year Hiatus

Point Edward’s Sunbridge Hotel & Conference Centre is projected to welcome all enthusiasts on that day between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. This would give them enough time to apply to all positions that interest them and have a comprehensive conversation with their potential employer and managers. Available positions range from positions responsible for the dining offerings part of the premium areas to individuals taking care of all casino patrons upon their entrance.

Sarnia Officials Mull Over Slots Return to Hiawatha Horse Park after 6-Year Hiatus

Moreover, the new location would also need individuals taking care of the surveillance on site, as well as security guards guaranteeing gaming operation runs smoothly. Individuals would also be needed for the proper slots operation in the long run, as slots technicians are an essential part of the gaming location team. In a sense, the job fair is about to seek a wide range of individuals in need of employment.
Gateway Casino Opens by January 31, 2020
Gateway Casino Sarnia is about to welcome back 150 slot machines, which is a far cry from its original 450 devices on site six years ago. However, the new location is expected to make the racetrack even more popular and offer financial help to local horse people. Starlight Casino Point Edward is located some 9km away from the future slots location, but this does not worry Gateway Casinos.

Gateway Casinos Sarnia Welcomes First Patrons by January 31

The two locations are overseen by the same casino operator, but they bring a different experience to their patrons, meaning that field cannibalization is not currently on the table. According to the agreement between Gateway Casinos and the host community, city coffers are going to receive 5.25-percent allocations of the first CA$65 million generated by Gateway Casino Sarnia. Increased interest in the horse racing location could mean future expansion on site.

Ontario Horse Racing Field Bags CA$115M in Annual Allocations from OLG, Government

Jim Henderson, owner of the racetrack, recently stated that a hotel tower might be the next step for Hiawatha Horse Park. Moreover, a dining location with premium offerings could complement well food offerings available at the slots venue. Locals are projected to see the official opening ceremony by January 31, 2020.

Woodbine Touts Record-Breaking Breeders Crown Wagers, Donations

Woodbine Entertainment still revels in the recently concluded 36th edition of the Breeders Crown transforming an entire weekend. John Campbell, President of the Hambletonian Society, made it clear that this year’s edition of the harness racing event was an excellent opportunity for locals to attend premium racing at Woodbine Mohawk Park. Locals were ecstatic to witness their favorites race for the win and place wagers on the eventual outcome of the multiple races.

Mr. Campbell confirmed that the feedback received has been nothing but positive after the end of the two-day event that transformed the racetrack for the first time in 11 years. Libfeld/Katz Breeding Partnership, a leading force in the field, powered the special event. Ontario racing enthusiasts were delighted by the organization on the racetrack and the area.
Harness Racing Galore

When it comes to major multiple-day events such as the Breeders Crown at Woodbine Mohawk Park, organization is key for the pleasant experience of all attendants. Locals reported their contentment with the service Woodbine Entertainment provided during the two days of live races. At the end of it all, it was time for performance evaluation. Harness racing fans wagered some $6.6 million during the past weekend.

Desert Encounter Emerges Triumphant Second Time in a Row at Woodbine

Exclusive bets with generous prize pools were added during the two days of live racing, making the racetrack even more attractive for betting enthusiasts. Race 6 on October 25 greenlighted the $100,000 Pick-5 pool, keeping harness racing enthusiasts as involved as possible. This was the new addition to the program, bringing together races across the two days.

Woodbine Mohawk Park Brings Home that We Are Stronger Together

This performance marked a record on a national scale, showing that locals are eager to wager on a regular basis. Moreover, this year’s Breeders Crown managed to sell out the COSA Premium Lounge available on site, as well as keep the dining rooms as busy as possible. Reservations for the Terrace Buffet, Mohawk Harvest Kitchen and Trackside Bar had weekend passes up for grabs, ranging from CA$150 to CA$300.
Woodbine Announces Hefty Donations
Jim Lawson, CEO, Woodbine Entertainment, was honored to welcome the loved by many Breeders Crown for the first time in 11 years. As many as 12 championship races transformed the harness racing field only to praise Bold Eagle, the French leader defeating all rivals during the CA$657,895 Open Trot. The 8-year-old had his first race outside Europe and emerged victorious.

Fresh Power Pick 6 Wager Enhances Thoroughbred Racing at Woodbine

Local charity organizations also received a fair boost amounting to some CA$282,997. Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society, Breast Cancer Society of Canada, Pinball Clemons Foundation, and Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation benefitted from the Charity Challenge prompting people to donate more while enjoying live harness racing. This was yet another record-breaking amount for Woodbine Cares.

Woodbine Entertainment Could Pioneer New Whip Rules after Three-Month Test Period

It should be taken into account that the giant has been working on its offerings and making them as diversified as possible. The year 2022 is projected to see the completion of its CA$1.5-billion expansion focusing on its hospitality offerings. A brand new hotel, restaurants, as well as a music amphitheater seating 5,000 would welcome their first guests.

Caesars Windsor Enters Ontario Casino Modernization Process

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is ready to introduce innovation and gaming expansion to a new area of Ontario. This would happen with the addition of the Windsor Gaming Bundle to the overall modernization process that has been in progress over the past couple of years. This means that Windsor Casino might see a new casino developer take over control in the upcoming decade.

Keeping things as fresh as possible and introducing new ideas to the local gambling field is essential for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, as this maintains the field relevant. It is also a way for fair competition to be boosted, as new players enter the field and share their long-term ideas for development. Ontario has been undergoing a modernization process when it comes to its gambling field.
New Casino Management

Ontario’s lottery Crown corporation is ready to make a move in a new direction and possibly introduce a new player down the road. This would happen through the addition of Windsor Gaming Bundle to the overall casino modernization project. Stephen Rigby, OLG’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated that this move would ensure that the region remains competitive.

Caesars Windsor Fortifies Eco-Friendly Agenda Powered By Renewable Sources

It is an essential condition for Windsor Casino, as its proximity to the border makes it a direct rival to US-based casino locations. They already feature legal in-person sports wagering, making them an attractive location for Canadians flocking south. Weekend getaways have become increasingly popular among individuals hailing from the Great White North since it makes it possible for them to enjoy diverse gambling currently unable in their home country.

Caesars Windsor Gets Set for New Management Coming 2020 Setting Realistic Expectations

Caesars Entertainment Windsor saw its existing contract for operation renewed for three more years, but past that point, a new player might enter the field. The new management is projected to bring a new approach to local gaming and potentially work in an ever-changing gaming environment for a brighter future.
OLG Modernization Process
Over the upcoming three years, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is about to seek a new casino operator via a reliable procurement process. Once a company has been highlighted as the successor to Caesars Entertainment Windsor, the year 2023 would see a smooth transition guaranteed by the Crown corporation. This would include staff protection making sure that there are no layouts.

OLG Grants Windsor CA$2,169,255 for Stellar Casino Performance in Q4 2018

There is also the possibility that Caesars Entertainment Windsor also participated in the bidding process down the road. Over the fall months of 2020, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is about to issue its Request for Pre-Qualification that would move forward the process. In the meantime, Caesars Windsor is preparing for Eldorado Resorts taking over control of its management this year.

Ontario’s Windsor and Essex County to Host Problem Gambling Prevention Week

In the summer of 2019 through a cash-and-stock arrangement reaching US$17.3 billion Eldorado Resorts purchased Caesars Entertainment, essentially creating the world’s largest casino operator in a swift move. This merger would see Eldorado Resorts take control over the joint company with influence over a vast array of markets, Canada being one of them. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Tony Bitonti stated that everyday operation would continue without major changes introduced to it.

Super Bowl LIV Fuels New York Sports Betting Revenue

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and this year it is about to witness even more bets placed on the live event. New York State is about to witness its very first Super Bowl allowing players to place wagers in a legal manner and participate in the overall madness that is this time of the year. Super Bowl LIV is about to attract in-person wagers at local commercial and tribal casino locations with projections for increased gaming revenue.

The past few months have seen a downwards progression when it comes to sports wagering and the revenue of the four Upstate New York casinos have been able to generate. Each month has marked a drop in the overall wagers places in-person and the reason for this is the relative inconvenience of making one’s way to a brick-and-mortar casino venue.
In-Person Sports Betting

Players in New York State want to be able to place wagers on sports events whenever they feel like it, in the comfort of their home. This could happen both through their mobile phones or on their computers, either way, easier access than traveling to a land-based casino in their vicinity.

Upstate New York Casinos Avoided Paying State US$13m, Audit Claims

For some of them, this means a car drive to the nearest location accepting single-event sports wagers, a factor that has impacted the gaming revenue amassed since last summer. Now it is time for yet another Super Bowl event, a special period for people across the US. Expectations are that the sport swaggering revenue in Upstate New York casino locations would surge, a figure that would be reflected in the monthly report the New York State Gambling Commission issues.

Upstate New York Witnesses Yet Another Sports Betting Revenue Slump

In the grand scale of things, the US players are expected to wager some US$6.8 billion during this year’s Super Bowl, as for some of the states this would be the second sports event allowing wagers to be placed on it. This Sunday is about to bring the first game between Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.
Casino Resorts Prepare
When it comes to New York State, both the four commercial venues and the seven tribal locations are preparing for the busy day and their sports lounges should be able to welcome all enthusiasts ready to wager in person. The premium areas adjacent to the casino floors are ready to provide everything needed for a pleasant time, including drinks and food offerings. This Sunday might see record sports wagering revenue.

New York State Bags US$255m from Seneca Nation of Indians, Ruling Says

Del Lago Resort Casino is working hard on its Super Bowl Big Game party that would electrify the building and transform it into the sports wagering hub of the Finger Lakes. The special event is almost sold out, but players might still find a chance to enter. Hal Wafer, sportsbook manager at the Rivers Casino & Resort in downtown Schenectady also expressed his excitement about the busy weekend ahead.

Resorts World New York Could be Remedy for Empire Resorts’ Pain

While players are placing their bets and potentially winning big as a result of them Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens is preparing for February 2, 6:30 p.m. ET. The San Francisco 49ers are preparing to enter the Super Bowl for the seventh time, once again playing for the win. Demi Lovato is set to perform the national anthem, whereas the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show would see Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform live.