OLG Fuels Sault Ste. Marie City Coffers with Casino Cash

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation continues to boost casino host communities with its various allocations and ongoing support. The City of Sault Ste. Marie recently received its latest gaming revenue allocation amounting to some CA$296,980. The fourth quarter of the fiscal year came to its end on March 31 and ended up amassing this sum sending it straight to the city coffers.

Casino venues and gaming locations across Canada strive to support their host community in various ways, as this strengthens the relationship between the casino operator, the Crown corporation, and the locals themselves. The gaming revenue those gaming hotspots generate is then capable of supporting the host community and its various projects down the road. This is also among the main incentives for casino construction.
Casino Revenue Allocation

The City of Sault Ste. Marie is among the popular gaming destinations, as it brings gaming offerings closer to the people interested in gaming and winning big. Gateway Casinos Sault Ste. Marie is the gaming venue welcoming them on a regular basis and striving to meet their expectations. Ever since mid-March, this venue is closed for business and this has impacted the most recent revenue allocation.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. Brings Windfall to Casino Host Communities

About two weeks of no operation on its premises have impacted the fourth quarter allocation and it is lower than expected. It amounts to some CA$296,980, covering the weeks between January 1, 2020 and March 31, 2020. The fiscal 2019/2020 came to an end on March 31 and called for a celebration and revenue allocations to the host communities across Ontario. The Crown corporation has not issued information about a lockdown lift.

OLG Casino Cash Fuels Host Community Projects

Ross Romano, MPP for Sault Ste. Marie, recently pointed out that the support should be stronger now more than ever, as the trying times call for it. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation continues investing in the local community and it has been doing so over the past couple of decades thanks to the Municipality Contribution Agreement in place.
Jule 2020 Brings Next Allocation
The month of July is expected to bring the gaming revenue allocation of the first quarter of the fiscal 2020/2021. That amount is also expected to be impacted by the current lockdown that has left the casino hotspot empty for weeks on end. The fiscal 2019/2020 managed to amass some CA$1,428,879 making their way to the city coffers of Sault Ste. Marie.

OLG Lotto Tickets Still a Guilty Pleasure amid Social Distancing

Ever since the casino venue launched operation, financial support has been an ongoing one. Over that period, the city has received upwards of CA$31 million in casino cash. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and Gateway Casinos & Entertainment were once again the main sponsors of the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards in Sault Ste. Marie. February 29 saw the official ceremony praising local businesses for their accomplishments.

Ontario Labor Union Shames OLG Casino Staff Layoffs Plans

The fall of 2019 saw more development surrounding the casino hotspot. The vacant patch of land next to the casino venue Gateway Casinos & Entertainment manages might soon see major development, the details around which would be revealed in the foreseeable future. A non-tourism development has been proposed for the land in question.

Lotto MAX CA$15m Jackpot Snatched Once Again

Lotto MAX has once again attracted a crowd of individuals ready to see their life change in a matter of seconds. Its Main prize managed to reach CA$15 million before it was snatched by a lottery ticket sold in Brampton. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation confirmed that the winner has 52 weeks to bag their jackpot and change their life.

Draw-based lottery gaming has always been among the popular gaming offerings for many Canadians, as it gives them the thrill of the unknown with the anticipation of the upcoming regular lottery draw. They purchase their ticket religiously and often use the same number combination for years because they have a special significance to them.
Main Prize

For some of them the numbers they choose eventually have the power to transform their lives and make them Canada’s latest lottery millionaire. An individual hailing from Brampton could confirm that this is the case. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation confirmed that the latest Lotto Max jackpot is about to make its way to the area, as this is where the lottery ticket has been sold.

Ontario Lottery Winners Receive Jackpots in the Mail

May 26 brought the latest Lotto MAX draw coming with a Main prize of CA$15 million. All eyes were set on it, as the jackpot had been accumulating over a couple of weeks. It could be recalled that the beginning of May witnessed a CA$55-million jackpot being snatched by an individual in the Prairies. Once again, it was a single ticket that became eligible for the cash payout, but a winner has not claimed the prize as of now.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. Brings Windfall to Casino Host Communities

This week was a special one for the Lotto MAX enthusiast who managed to match the winning numbers drawn on May 26. They were 5, 27, 34, 37, 39, 41, and 47. The bonus number of this draw was 20, but it is not needed for the Main prize. Whoever is in possession of the ticket is eligible for precisely CA$15,000,000.
More Lotto MAX Prizes
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation advises all players to check their tickets and see whether they win the jackpot. Misplaces or lost tickets are among the main reasons why a winner fails to claim their prize within the mandatory 12-month period. They could do this via the optimized OLG mobile app allowing players to scan their ticket.

OLG Bags CA$500m Loan to Stay Afloat

Players could also check the official webpage of the Crown corporation but they would have to wait until they get the chance to bag their prize, as the OLG Prize Center is currently closed. May 29 is about to bring the next Lotto MAX draw coming with a Main prize of CA$10 million. The beginning of March brought some good news to an individual from Whistler. Francis Masculino managed to win some CA$500,000.

OLG Seeks Nepean Lotto MAX Fan to Bag CA$15m

He bagged the amount only recently, as he took his time to process the win. British Columbia Lottery Corporation confirmed that the prize was won one day before Mr. Masculino’s birthday and this was a special moment for him. Now it is time for some plans for the future, as Mr. Masculino wants to purchase a home for himself and pay off some debt.

BCLC Teams Up with iTel Networks for Improved Retail Connectivity

British Columbia Lottery Corporation has decided to support local business in these trying times and this is going to happen as a result of its latest collaboration arranged. The Crown corporation is going to team up with iTel Networks, another Kamloops-based leader that would support its future operation. The local provider is going to power the Internet connection needed on a daily basis.

Being virtually connected is crucial regardless of the particular sphere of work. It makes so many processes faster and more efficient, at the end of the day benefitting all parties involved. Lottery product sales also require a strong internet connection that makes the process easier and optimizes communication on an internal level. Retail partners need to be connected at all times.
Kamloops-Based Support

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is striving to make it possible for everyone across the province to reach out and acquire a lottery product form their nearest retail hotspot. Remote and rural areas of British Columbia are crucial when it comes to the connection they require, as the internet provider should be a reliable one. The Crown corporation decided it is time for a change.

BCLC Unveils What Led to CA$700,000 Penalty

Supporting local businesses is crucial during these trying times, as it shows that the Crown corporation is ready to support the community in various ways. The new agreement was inked between the gaming leader on a provincial level and the Kamloops-based iTel Networks. Their collaboration is a brand new one, but it is projected to last at least three years.

BCLC Implements Safety Measures across Land-Based Casinos

The new arrangement is set to span over the upcoming years. Projections are that this new partnership could be extended past the three-year point. Pat Davis, Vice President of Business Technology and Chief Information Officer, pointed out that the new partner was chosen carefully, as the Crown corporation was taking into account the vast network it has to cover at all times.
Better Retail Connection
British Columbia Lottery Corporation evaluated all options it had and came to the conclusion that supporting the local business might be the way to go. Through the years, iTel Networks has proven its professionalism and reliability, making it the perfect partner for the Crown corporation. The public procurement process aimed to take into account all possible candidates. Back in August 2019, a Request for Proposal took place.

BCLC Enhances Sports Betting Platform with Scientific Games

The contract in question is for Province Wide Internet Services. Danny Rink, Chief Executive Officer of iTel Networks, also made it clear that he is an avid supporter of the local community, as he has spent most of his adult life in the region. Supporting it in any way possible has been a leading principle of his work. Both British Columbia Lottery Corporation and the internet provider have proven their support throughout the years.

BCLC Fulfills Executive Team with New Appointment

They have expressed their gratitude towards the Kamloops Innovation Centre with support dating back to 2012 when Mr. Rink himself helped its founding. In the meantime, the Innovation Lab available on its premises is powered by the Crown corporation. Upcoming months are set to bring optimization across the province.

Century Downs Racetrack & Casino Launches Live Racing

Century Downs Racetrack & Casino is ready for the new phase of its operation, as the popular racetrack recently returned to its normal pace of work. This week greenlighted the 2020 racing season on the premises of the popular racetrack. Following a three-month hiatus, the region is ready for live racing to recommence and the horse people could not be more excited.

David Kelly is a local who is taking care of the racehorse training, but he is also an owner and a driver. He recently revealed more information regarding the past three months of horse racing hiatus in Calgary. Mr. Kelly stated that the lack of races and the overall lockdown have had a devastating impact on the local horse racing industry.
Live Racing

Financial struggles have worsened during that time, as purses receive no fuel. Racing fans have nothing to place their wagers on and subsequently, the field remains unsupported for a longer period of time. Takin care of a racehorse involves daily training and many additional expenses that are often beyond the horse people’s own financial resources. They need this interaction with the people who love this sport.

Calgary CA$65,000,000 Winner Would Forever Be Bonded with Other Lottery Millionaires

Mr. Kelly stated that the past three months have seen daily light training and grooming, as the horses need constant care, but there was nothing to prepare for. When all is said and done, it was like a vicious circle that did not see to lead to anything in particular. The situation itself was a rather confusing one, as horses had to be kept in good shape, while no live schedule was revealed.

Century Mile Racetrack Transforms Edmonton Once Casino Operator Issues Q4 Earnings

Now it is time for the official return of live horse racing in Alberta, following weeks of no events. The 2020 live racing season was greenlighted at the 5 1/2-furlong track near Calgary. Horse people have expressed their contentment with the way things go at the moment. The official return of live horse racing is about to provide a boost for the field.
Official Return
Paul Ryneveld, managing director of Century Downs and Edmonton’s Century Mile, also made it clear that the regional horse racing is on the path of success now that live events have returned. The first days following the announcement of the province-wide lockdown were rather confusing, as the horse people were uncertain what to do.

Northlands Park Draws Hundreds of Enthusiasts to Epic Auction Down Memory Lane

At the end of the day, taking care of the horses and stabling them was essential which was what the horse people did. This ensured that the horses will have the opportunity to train on a daily basis and be prepared for the eventual launch of live events on the premises of Century Downs Racetrack. Mr. Kelly also pointed out that the hiatus has taken its toll on the horse people.

After 118 Years Northlands Park & Casino Makes Final Move with Gambling Venue Shutdown

The local field is expected to need several months to get back on its feet and see positive results when it comes to the purses. It should be noted that some of the horse people were quick to relocate to Ontario, once the province announced it is preparing for a June launch of live horse racing.